We would like to inform you that, the updated website of the 8th International Luci Della Ribalta International Festival & Masterclasses in Italy is now Up and open for registration. Contact us for Audition at makhalsymphony@gmail.com

There are No Audition charges. This is going to be the 3rd year when selected Indian musicians and students will take part in the festival in Narni, Italy. We are working unconditionally on locating interested Indian Musicians & Students from Western Classical Music field who want to take part in an International Festival like this in Europe. We are creating a door for them to have an International experience in such International festival.

Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra is the official representative of the festival in India under the alliance with The Association Mozart Italia Terni, an NGO and Organizer of the festival in Italy. At this link you will find the info of the Maestros and the course dates. Also go through the details of the course fees and other regulations at Mozart Italia Terni.